Here are some of my favorite resources.

Overall good books on sleep, behavior, parenting, feeding:

  • The Baby Whisperer line of books is good and from a holistic perspective by a woman who spent loads of time with 100’s babies and families in their home- not just 10 min in appointments at the Dr office.
  • Your Self-Confident Baby– a very well balanced approach to parenting with calm, peace and connectedness. A great book on foundations of raising self confident children. From all my time spent with babies and children, I agree with her philosophy and have seen over and over children raised in this way are the most self confident and easy going.
  • Bringing Up Bebe– Such a refreshing perspective of sanity on how the French raise children
  • Love and Logic for Early Parenting – effective ways to bring peace and ease to parenting. Might not fit all parenting philosophies, though you can take the gems and leave what you don’t like