Want the key to constant unrelenting joy? Hmm, so do I!

Want the key to finding peace within the unpreventable storms of life? Start meditating!

Want your kids to be able to have more joy, self confidence and less stress? Start meditating!

Over the last 13 years, the months/years of my life that have been the most stressed, depressed, frustrated, sad are those when I’ve not been meditating. I had a really rough five year stretch. The times I was able to handle the ups and downs better were the times I was meditating regularly.

Same truckload of emotional turmoil. But somehow the emotions came and left more like clouds in a sky, rather than a dump truck of bricks in my heart.

Since becoming a mother, I find in the moments when I have space to meditate, I’m more exhausted and therefore reluctant to actually do it.

Yet, I have to meditate for two now! What does that mean? We are all connected, so when I meditate, my son benefits. Directly from me being a more stable, connected and peaceful mom and indirectly because as a family we are mirrors for each other and he gets to mirror a mom with less fight/flight and more compassion.